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SNS Nail Training With The Best Industrial Nail Trainer

Learn the trendy SNS nail dipping system with our best industrial nail trainer. Focus on its practical side and get certified for your skill.

Students in the SNS Nail Training learning SNS step-by step application

What is SNS?

SNS Nails with glitter

Signature Nail System (SNS) is the first brand name that pioneered in the dipping powder nail system. It had been quickly intrigued by all the nail-holics because of the amazing long-lasting result it brings and the healthy process how it is applied. After the suitable sort of SNS gel is applied, nails are dipped into the colourful powder to make a couple coats of a firm compound that looks like nail polish. That powder polish certainly lasts longer on nails, approximately 3-4 weeks and even longer with people who have their hands free from housework. Thanks to the firm characteristic, it is also good for nail extensions. The most important thing is the colours from SNS powder are so gorgeous that people love it. Compared with acrylic nails, SNS powder is pigmented colour already and doesn't need to add any finishing colour on top. Moreover, all kinds of SNS gel that are applied onto the nail bed are added vitamins which promise to nurture customers' nails. The process itself doesn't go with irritating and toxic smell from monomer liquid like acrylic nails.

The dipping powder nail system that SNS has created is evolving into a crowd-pleasing nail service. It becomes particularly trendy so that every other brands have decided not to be left behind. Big names in the nail industry have been introducing their dipping powder system, however, SNS still has its own market proportion by its proved high-quality features.

SNS Pink & White Nails

Get professionally certified for your skills

There are a lot of technicians working in the nail industry longing for a professional training to get certified. Although their skills have been impressing customers through amazing works everyday, many of them have not been accredited by any industrial institutes or training schools. Skills are spread out between technicians and experience is accumulated over the year. Training activities in this particular industry are normally conducted informally within nail stores, from senior to junior staff, from experienced to inexperienced workers

On the one hand, on-the-job training helps the new members blend in and be able to response to situations in a specific nail store. On the other hand, since theory is nearly forgotten, inexperienced staff don't have a good understanding of the nail nature and relevant products, possibly leading to some dangerous unforeseen outcomes. There are currently no standard in the teaching curriculum. In fact, it varies throughout nail stores and different sorts of online material. It can be clearly seen when we, an authorised distributor of SNS nail products in New Zealand, get a lot of enquiry from nail salons for technical assistance in case of product misuse and customer complaint.

Students got instruction from our industrial trainer in the SNS Nail Training

Students got instruction from our industrial trainer in the SNS Nail Training

Industrial training saves time & effort

Not to mention, training for new staff members takes time and effort, which also sometimes affect the daily business of these busy nail salons, not to mention it is not professional. Additional training included in the recruitment is a big hindrance for an employer. It is the fact that their original desire is to look for skilled and experienced workers in the market, which is a challenging task.

From the fact that the a proper training school is demanded for people in need, VNZ Nail & Beauty School has been born to serve the nail community providing high-quality nail courses. These courses aim to give learners intensive knowledge and appropriate cognition of the nail industry. Theory and industrial practice teaching combined together in the course content help to form a well-rounded competent nail technician.

Students practise SNS Nails on live models

SNS Training with SNS New Zealand

We have two SNS courses, the one-day workshop and the one-week specialist training with more focus on advanced practice. Our one-day workshop is for nail professionals possessing good skill in dealing with nail polish and gel polish. It focuses on SNS nail's core knowledge and is the best time-saving course for experienced nail technician. Our industrial nail trainer with over 10 years in this challenging industry will have further 3-month online support for students after the training, ready to answer all the questions and give suggestions and comments on your works whenever you need. Meanwhile, the one-week course with two days of live workshop and 3 days of practical session gives learners more time and instruction in practising in a real nail-store environment.

Students in the SNS Nail Training at VNZ school

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SNS nail course

SNS specialist course

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