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Our mission is bringing a natural nail system catered for

New Zealanders

SNS - Signature Nail System was originally created in USA and has been around the nail market for nearly 20 years and enjoying a considerable amount of interests and demands from the nail lovers and professional suppliers in North America and Australia since then. SNS Nail is best known as the world leader in Pink & White Dipping System alongside with Gelous Colour Powder that promise to be made from organically processed chemicals with added Vitamin E & Calcium. Thanks to its advancements, SNS brings about not only a healthier nail system but also convenience for its users in terms of nutrition, light weight, durability and constant drying time. Apart from being dominant in its local market, which is America, SNS is still going strong and satisfying more and more customers and technicians around the world.

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Judy takes pride in becoming the 1st class exclusive distributor of SNS Nails in New Zealand. 

Her promises with the creation of SNS Nails New Zealand are: 

  • Dedicating to a healthy & natural Nail & Beauty Community in New Zealand


  • Providing genuine SNS products at affordable and fair prices ​

  • Training and educating SNS for all SNS certified salons and people with interest.

  • Improving the nail salon environment NZ wide 

For more details please view our pages below:


CEO of VNZ International Trade & Investment Ltd - Ms. Judy Nguyen has been working in nail & beauty industry for almost 12 years. She owns 7 nail & beauty salons and a training school around Wellington. In the last 12 years, she has always been searching for high quality, healthy and natural products from global beauty industry to bring into New Zealand. Judy foresaw a huge potential of SNS Nails and decided it is time for this advanced nail system in New Zealand.  

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