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SNS Dolo Marble, Air Ombre & SenShine Gels - Revolution from the top brand!

Signature Nail System aka SNS, is known as the new best thing in the nail industry in terms of a beautiful, long lasting and harmless treat for woman's nails. SNS is the pioneer in the dipping powder nail system, which is being followed and imitated by other brands years later. A part form new colour collections every season increasing choice wideness for customers, the company is researching on new formulas and new ways of doing nails aiming at the goodness for people using SNS products.

One of those innovations, SenShine, which has been launched recently after 2 years of researching, is described as a range of gel exclusively for sensitive skin and eyes. SenShine is available in every steps of SNS application, resulting in a nice approach for both sensitive customers and technicians. Imagine those SNS gels having the same function as the existing stuffs but without stinging your eyes or harming your skin, it's like the best thing gets better. In SenShine line, a new matt top coat is introduced. People who are obsessed with dipping nails and love a matt finish now can be satisfied with SNS matt top that can last up to 3 weeks.

Talking about nail art, ombre and marble effect nails are absolutely two of the most favourite ones. This is the first time ombre nails are done by dipping and spraying from a bottle. SNS Air Ombre facilitates a new, fast and simple way of doing ombre effects. These sophisticated nail designs now can be made as easily as 3 steps. This new product line, which has 180 colours to choose from, is not only interesting to senior nail technicians by its convenience and possibility to generate creativeness but also appealing to ones with less experience as no specific skills required.

CLICK HERE to see how to create Baby Boomer nail full set in 7 minutes

Apart from Air Ombre, this fall, nail industry witnesses SNS's introduction of another leading-edge technique, the brand new Dolo Marble trademark for an effortless nail-art application, which according to SNS is able to instantly create irregular marble effects without specific skills. To activate the flow of Dolo Marble colour, Dolo base and top coat are particularly required.

CLICK HERE to see how Dolo Marble works in just about 7 seconds.

All these product lines are now available for pre ordering at SNS New Zealand and will be ready in stock in a few week time.

SNS New Zealand is stocking the newest SNS collection called Birds of Paradise. It comes in 1.5oz size, which is one and a half time bigger than the traditional gelous colour pot. There are colour duos in this collection that go perfectly with each other. Birds of Paradise collection contains the hottest colours of this spring-summer and is specifically hunted by nail colour lovers from North to South. SNS New Zealand opened preorders for these gorgeous colours and got so many orders placed online as well as on site that they are almost running out before they even come to Kiwi land.

For orders and enquiries, please contact:


Mobile: 04 477 9913

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