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SNS Training Workshop in Wellington

Signature Nail System (SNS) is the first brand name who pioneered in the dipping powder nail system. It had been quickly intrigued by all the nail-holics because of the amazing long-lasting result it brings and the healthy process how it is applied. After the suitable sort of SNS gel is applied, nails are dipped into the colourful powder to make a couple coats of a firm compound which looks like nail polish. That powder polish certainly lasts longer on nails, approximately 3-4 weeks and even longer with people who have their hands free from housework. Thanks to the firm characteristic, it is also good for nail extensions. The most important thing is the colours from SNS powder are so gorgeous that people love it. Compared with acrylic nails, SNS powder is pigmented colour already and doesn't need to add any finishing colour on top. Moreover, all kinds of SNS gel that are applied onto the nail-bed are added several vitamins which are believed to nurture customers' nails. The process itself doesn't go with irritating and toxic smell from monomer liquid like acrylic nails.

The dipping powder nail system that SNS has created is evolving into a crowd-pleasing nail service. It becomes particularly trendy so that every brands have decided not to left behind. Big names in the nail industry have been introducing their own dipping powder, however, SNS still has its own market proportion by its proved high-quality features.

With a lot of interests that we have received recently, we are planning an intensive one-day training course on SNS Nail System on 30 September 2019. Seats are limited so be sure you register today to get your chance of training with SNS Master Trainer Judy Nguyen. This course is a training on SNS products and does not cover basic manicure or basic nail techniques. It is recommended for nail professionals only. Don't miss it out!!!

Course Details

- Product knowledge and updates on new products

- Watching SNS application demo and practicing

- SNS on natural nails, SNS on nail extensions and nail art

- Tips and facts of applying SNS products

- Cost $950 plus gst (one SNS kit and two colours included)


- Certificate of SNS NEW Zealand provided

- Your salon listed on our website

- 15% off all SNS products ordered on the training day

- Free SNS Kit 6 pro and two gelous colours, worth $530

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