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SNS Nails Training Workshop 2018

Hi all,

Here is our latest SNS Nails Training schedule:

The training details:

* Invaluable product knowledge

* Get trained professionally

* Training for SNS on natural nails to SNS for nail extensions and nails art

* Certificate of SNS New Zealand upon completion

* Support with marketing package and listed your salon on our website

* Enjoy 15% off for order on training day

* All tips and facts of SNS shared by our master trainer

* Free Kit 6 pro + 2 Gelous Colours

* Training fee is $950 + GST

* Training is for SNS products only and does not cover for basic manicure or basic nail techniques. Recommended for professionals only. However, if you are not nail technician but know the basics and able to paint gels and willing to learn is welcome to join but you will take your own risk.

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