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Auckland May SNS Training Session

The Latest SNS Training Workshop on 23th May went really well. Everyon did a very good job on mastering the technique and acquiring the needed supplementary knowledge. They all passed the test and earned the title of SNS Certified Technician.

It feels like going back to high school again preparing for a school fair when the trainees sit down in 2 rows with tools, in a room with windows, posters, bulletin board, with a teacher guiding them in front of a white board.

They practice the unique technique required for SNS products, which is done in an unconventional way compared with regular products. In order to correctly put on the gorgeous SNS colours, technicians must be able to do perform in a specific order of steps and techniques, which is the reason why an expert trained by SNS themselves is required to pass on the method.

"Discuss and solve the equation with your group." said the teacher. The trainees practice painting with each other to correct themselves as well as to exchange the knowledge. There is an ancient Vietnamese wisdom said: "Learning from your teacher isn't as effective as learning from your friends." Judy Nguyen, the teacher, gives them time practice on their own and come to her if they have any question needed answers.

And it would not be high school without the graduation ceremony. The day we all wish to come as soon as possible just to burst out crying on that day "I don't wanna graduate. I wanna meet my friends everyday."

All 8 of them are now Certified SNS Technicians. They are all given the Certificate from SNS and listed on SNS website as qualified technicians who can give the beautiful SNS Gelous Color equipped nails. Click here to see the map of SNS Certified Salon which they are working at and get yourself the gorgeous SNS Gelous Color you desire for. More workshop like this would be held in the future. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our website to see when you can get the same training at or near your hometown.

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