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Wellington SNS Training Sesson

The last SNS Training Session was very successful. Everybody has done some great work. They all passed the test and was granted a certificate from SNS for the expertise in polishing nail. The class was warm and friendly.

Judy Nguyen and trainees

They are now all qualified to be nail technicitians. Judy taught them all the experience she gathered throughout her career in the beauty industry. It has always been her passion to spread the nail care service from her home country Vietnam to the world. SNS New Zealand has and will be holding more workshop similiar to this one with the hope to bring art of nail polishing to those who seek it.

SNS New Zealand guarantees their clients good quality of service, as well as a relaxed and friendly experience when the clients are at their salons. With that spirit, here are some good captured moments of how the art of nail polishingwas taught and practiced:

The students master the lessons on each other hands.

By doing so, they get the chance exchange their experience and opions, helping each other to improve together.

At the same time, those two partners also get the chance to chat with each other while practicing the polishing technique. It is an important part of this art, the clients and the technictians chat. It is a unique way for clients to relax the mind, getting rid of all their stress after a long day working or studying.

Here is the up close look on some of their own design:

Beautiful!!! Isn't it?

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