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Snapshots from SNS Training Workshop

An exciting SNS Training Workshop at two locations - Auckland and Wellington - has come to an end. SNS New Zealand wants to send a huge thank you to all nail salon owners and nail professionals across the country who have come and greatly involved in the workshops.

We're glad to see both of the workshops went successfully with high attendance record, great discussion and such high satisfaction of people attending. Helen Nguyen - a visitor from SNS USA - is incredibly amazing. Her expertise in SNS Dipping Powder System Nail alongside great training skill have made the workshop successful. Feedback we received so far are the workshop is very helpful and great in showcasing the process of applying SNS on natural nails and do nail extension, infill with SNS system.

We hope you took the most out of it and brace yourself to take on board this breakthrough nail technique with your salon's business.

For those of you who could not make it to the event, please aware you can always contact SNS New Zealand for consultation about the products. SNS New Zealand technician is always there for help! Thanks :)

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