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Exclusive SNS Training Workshop

Yessss, SNS New Zealand is hosting a SNS Training Workshop at the end of this month (all FREE TO JOIN). Hosted by SNS New Zealand Educator - Judy Nguyen - and SNS visitor from USA - Hellen Nguyen. This 4-hour workshop promises to be a unique opportunity for nails and beauty salons around New Zealand to:

  • Find out everything about SNS: product knowledge, application process techniques, sales at your salons

  • Get 10% off for your 1st SNS order

  • Interactive Q&A session allowing any question about SNS

  • Receive SNS International Certificate

  • Expand your networking with people in New Zealand nails and beauty industry

The workshop will be hold at two locations: Auckland (25th Sep) and Wellington (26th Sep).

What we cover in the training workshop:

  • SNS product knowledge: what is it? why is it different and worth your trial?

  • SNS application process: step-by-step education on how to apply SNS on natural nails and other nail services with SNS as nail extension, overlay, refill...

  • SNS marketing and sales: how to educate customers move from acrylic to SNS nails; how to build SNS service pricelist at your salon

If this sounds interesting to you, take 1 minute to fill out this form to reserve your spot at the workshop:

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