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Hello lovely ladies, I’m sure throughout the past couple weeks, you might all hear about us and our new incredible SNS Nails that have just landed at New Zealand nail salons. If you also happen to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you pretty much already saw SNS Nails in real life and how satisfied, thrilled our customers are with this new beauty trend.

When we first tested out SNS in 4 Seasons Nails Salons, we couldn’t believe ourselves how amazing SNS Nails could be from its quick, easy application process to its final look on customer nails and a ‘feel-good’ effect it brings out. We received many positive feedback from customer to customer.

‘Oh no. No way. Couldn’t be this easy.’

‘I love SNS that doesn’t smell, quick and easy. I can’t believe how fast it dries’

‘My nails feel strong yet light, look natural and they were set without lights. So quick!’

‘Oh god. I love my French Dip. Absolutely gorgeous.’

Everyone is absolutely in love with SNS Nails which is not a surprise given its paramount success in the US and other giant market as Australia. If you’re not yet convinced that you, too, need to get on SNS nails, here are even more reasons you should not miss the trend that is currently taking a beauty industry by storm.

1. Time will be on your side

If you ever feel tired waiting for your nails to dry out under UV light or you are in a middle of your lunchtime break, there’s 20 minutes left and you wish you could just get a quick nail set, then SNS nails would perfectly put you at ease. All SNS Gels dry real quick within a second plus the fact that the color is set without lights or primer means you can expect to get your full SNS nails done in 15 minutes. SNS keeps things a lot simple and save you the most valuable commodity in life: time!

2. You rock your fashion style

An insane number of SNS Gelous Colour with up to 400 options means that there are always some colour to match well with your outfit. Or just simply that you want to have fun with your nails today, I’m sure SNS Gelous Colour will not disappoint you!

3. Life is too short to not make you feel good in everything you do

It’s without doubt the downside of nail polish smell and effect on our health. However, beauty should not mean to be harmful. Aware of that, SNS comes to place with healthy dipping powder formula that is made from organically processed chemical with added vitamin and absolutely no smell at all. Also, because of the powder texture instead of liquid, SNS is super light-weight and thin to wear. At the end of a day, who doesn’t want to look beautiful and rest assured that your nails are receiving the best of care.

4. Life shouldn’t be lived in fear of cracking your nails

Anyone who has ever broken a nail knows how painful and annoying it is. SNS dipping powder with added vitamin E and C considerably helps nurture your nails and make them grow strong. Those customers who tried out SNS Nails praise their enjoyable experience wearing SNS in 3-4 weeks without any cracking or peeling out. Seriously, no one wants to spend their life fixing their nails, thus, let’s SNS be your trusted companion on this journey.

5. You’re free from a nightmare called ‘acrylic smell’

While no one could deny the beautiful, feminist and sophisticated look of acrylic nails, it is also a pain to admit how miserable the application process is. Yes, I am talking about strong chemical smell of acrylic nails. I guess it is now time to break the ice and move forward with SNS which is capable of creating an acrylic nail set as just perfectly and most importantly, odour-free and good for health. Phew!

Is it time for you to be brave, step up and follow the trend? Let me know who's next ;)

I'll see you in the next one. Have a lovely day!

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