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Hello lovely ladies and friends, we’d love to send you all the warmest welcome to our very first blog and more importantly to a new wonderland of breakthrough nail technology – SNS Nail Systems New Zealand.

It’s such an honor for us to become the 1st class exclusive distributor of this awesome nail technology, meanwhile it also means that there is a lot more for us to learn in order to bring out the best out of SNS Nail Systems. No matter what brought you here to us, whether it is your profound love for nails, your curiosity about what the hype is or just because of a few accidental clicks, stay tuned with us and let’s start this new adventure together!

As the concept is relatively new to New Zealand nail market, we decided to run through ‘Everything you should know about SNS Nail System New Zealand’ for our first blog.

SNS – Signature Nail Systems – is an innovative nail technology that promises to be the most naturally beautiful, healthiest and longest-lasting nail solution for women. The system comes into place with three major parts:

  • Dipping Powder: The wide range of dipping powder mainly aims to create a perfect French Manicure look meanwhile to add unique nourishment essential to strengthen nails and protecting them from damage.

  • SNS Gels: Can be referred to quality alternatives to traditional acrylic nails that add protection and shine effect to your nails without damaging your nail bed. Depending on the purposes, they can be applied prior to or after dipping Powder.

  • Gelous Colors: SNS surprises the nail industry by its whole new system of color lacquers which are designed under dipping powder form instead of liquid lacquer often found in substandard nail products. The powder once again happens to bring out light-weight, odor-free, long-lasting and health effects of SNS Nail System.

Compared to other existing nail products in the market as acrylic, gel or shellac, SNS is a little bit pricey and its process takes longer to complete as well however it is definitely worth at the end as you will enjoy these unique benefits that SNS could bring to your nail’s beauty and health. Firstly, SNS guarantees the most naturally beautiful nails that not only look good but also make you feel good due to its super thin, light application on your nails. Besides, as mentioned above, the powder provides more strength, which makes SNS more durable than traditional acrylics. Finally, although the application process takes longer time, it doesn’t require UV lights to bond it to the nail. This advantage shouldn’t be oversimplified as one study by the Division of Dermatology at Georgia Regents University, published in JAMA Dermatology, found that while the amount of UV radiation produced by a nail-drying lamp during a single visit to a nail salon is not a serious concern, as few as eight visits may produce enough exposure to cause skin damage (depending on the lamp used). In addition, there is also less filling during the process, which means less dust and less drilling than many other products.

The benefits that SNS put into its value proposition are beyond great, however, it is in fact hard to judge its reliability until you have got one yourself. Being aware of that, we studied customer reviews for SNS in the US and take a few examples for you all to gain a better understanding of how your nails will be better off by SNS.

Example 1:

On the 1st day when SNS nail set A week in

3 weeks in

After the take down

Example 2:

A week in 3 weeks in

As you can see from the pictures, the SNS Gelous Color looks extremely naturally beautiful on your nails and it manages to remain the color and shine on after a couple of weeks. Throughout these 3 weeks, there was no cracking or peeling. The most amazing thing is that SNS Nails do not stain your nail beds yellow, they still look strong and healthy.

SNS Nail System is something people can’t just stop talking about and I highly recommend you all to get this treatment at least once. Your nails are deserved to take an excellent care and top quality treatment. Besides, as the exclusive distributor of SNS in New Zealand, we are doing our best to ensure it’s an enjoyable journey for all of us. Therefore, we are going to run a product demonstration show in Auckland and Wellington in early July with a great honor to have experts from the U.S to come along and educate New Zealand customers more about SNS Nail System. Specific information about date, time, location and ticket will be made available on our website and Facebook page when we sort everything out. Hang on that and we will reach back to you all soon.

If you have any question, please feel free to drop us a comment below. We’re happy to be a trusted companion with you in this exciting new journey J Cheers <3

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