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Size: 1oz

Introducing to you the exciting SNS Mood Collection. 

Wearing nail polish is generally a fun experience. However, with SNS Mood Changing Polish, it can now be an adventure too. The colour is activated by the temperature of our surroundings and changed accordingly. How amazing it is! No day would be the same with this mood collection. So, let’s colour your life a little bit! 

Similar to SNS Gelous Colours, the colours in this collection inheres all the best well-known features of SNS Nail System: no chemical odors, no UV light needed, added vitamin E and C for keeping nails naturally healthy and strong. Your clients will love this fun experience and now you can also have something different to offer to your customers, making your salon stand out more. 

Each container can applied about 40 times.

SNS Mood Collection (MS02 - MS24)

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