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Our LED/UV Hybrid lamp has every feature you need to create beautiful UV gel nails.

Make your healthy nails even better with a UV lamp that is powerful enough to get the job done but gentle enough to care for you.


Our lamp features:

– 54W High Power Output

– New Pause/Low Heat Function

– 30, 45, 60, Low Heat 60 second Timer with Big Digital Monitor

– Battery Capacity Indicator

– Wireless/Extended- Life Batteries Included

– Rechargeable System – Fast Recharging

– Perfect Cure for All Five Nails

– Matte Surface Tray for Reduced LED Light Reflection to Protect Eyes

– Acetone Resistant

– Preset LED Display Easy Read Timer with Countdown Function

– Available in 100/240 Volts

– Available in American Power Plug

– One-Year Warranty


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