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The SNS Kit 4 includes everything that a well-established nail salon needs.

Kit 4 comes with 4 kinds of powder, 6 kinds of gel, Vitamin oil and French Dip Moulding.

It is a compact kit for doing SNS dipping powder nails including the nail art works such as: pink and white nails, and french tip nails.

It can also be used with SNS gelous colours to create any of the colourful nail styles


In the kit:

Natural Fill 2oz

Natural Set 2oz

Natural Pink 2oz

French White 2oz


Gel Base 15ml

Brush Saver 15ml

Sealer Dry 15ml

Brush on Glue 15ml

Gelous Base 15ml

Gel Top 15ml


Vitamin Oil 15ml

French Dip Moulding


SNS Starter Kit 4

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